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How to Use Cloverleaf Coaching Tips at Work
How to Use Cloverleaf Coaching Tips at Work

How to best engage with your Daily Coaching Tips on Cloverleaf

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Have you ever left your work day feeling excitedly proud of what you accomplished and a few days later found yourself drained and frustrated?

What made one day awesome and another day soul-sucking?

Well, there's no easy, quick answer. Using those two days as two data points in a journey can be helpful. Your strengths and weaknesses and your teammates create unique intersections that can result in conversations to solve problems...or magnify problems.

We've built short and insightful Automated Coaching™ tips to help make sense of these hidden mysteries. Your Daily Coaching Experience allows you to see tips for yourself and your teammates. Whether you get your tips via email or go onto Cloverleaf- you can save, share, react, and reflect on your tips from Cloverleaf.

Calendar Insights shares tips with you whenever you have meetings with your teammates, helping prepare you for the day and how to best work with everyone! Learn how to integrate your calendar.

We know that looking through every assessment you've taken is a lot of information to digest. On top of that, also learning about your teammates, and finding the right information when you need it can be challenging! Insight Search can help you look for the coaching tips you want when you need them!

How to Make the Most of Your Coaching Tips

  • Use Reflections to jot down any thoughts that pop into your head when you read a tip or try using the suggested prompt to spend some time reflecting. You can always access Reflections from My Dashboard later. This quick exercise helps your brain latch onto your takeaways and increases your ability to act instead of forgetting. You can always go back and add additional notes to your tips later.

  • Don't have time to reflect? Save tips that stand out to you. You can go back and access these later from My Dashboard.

  • Use the tip to start a conversation with a teammate! Share tips with your teammates where you work best! Ask people who know you well for their input. It could be you had a strength you're so used to you never realized how much others appreciate it.

  • React to your Daily Coaching Tips! Was it spot on? Did you learn something? Was it not relevant, or seem off? Reacting to your tips can be an easy way to quickly engage with your coaching for the day.

    If a tip seems off.. could it be a blind spot? Awareness of your blind spots is part of doing your best work and leaning into your strengths. These are not places to feel condemned but opportunities to rely on others. Remember that the tip could also just feel off, no one fits in a box. If a tip seems inaccurate, ask your teammate. Some people may have grown past blindspots. Some may not have embraced a strength yet. So be curious, start conversations, and grow to do your best together as a team.

These guidelines should help you start to unlock the power of Automated Coaching, for both yourself and your relationships with your teammates.

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