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Using Cloverleaf To Enhance Your Coaching Services
Using Cloverleaf To Enhance Your Coaching Services

Coaching service delivery strategies to leverage and integrate Cloverleaf more regularly.

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If you are challenged with finding how to integrate Cloverleaf into your coaching service delivery over time, you are in the right place.

Cloverleaf can provide you with the support you need to open up new conversations with individuals and teams.

Each coach has their signature style and subscribes to their own methodology. You may be the type of coach who believes that every conversation should be driven purely by the client.

While it is often best to allow the client to set the agenda, as a coach you are also called to share helpful resources with clients to help them reach their goals.

When you are listening for your client’s highest potential, pointing them in the right direction can forward progress while also increasing self-awareness. That is where you get the win-win.

Check out these coaching service delivery strategies to leverage and integrate Cloverleaf more regularly.


  1. The daily coaching tips.

    If you are working with a client on accomplishing a specific goal, challenge them to read their tip each day and ask themselves: How does this insight help or hinder me from reaching my goal? Ask them to jot down thoughts and come back to their next session with insights.

  2. Create session or post-session questions that incorporate Cloverleaf.

    For example, part of goal setting is identifying potential obstacles and designing strategic responses to them. After a client sets a goal or commits to a task, have them go to the limitations section of their DiSC report. Next, have them identify any of the specific limitations of their DiSC type that could present an obstacle relative to their goal and brainstorm strategies for overcoming them.

  3. Using Cloverleaf for leadership coaching? Check out the powerful question guide here.

  4. Set up the use of Cloverleaf right from the beginning of the coaching engagement. Take some of the practices here or create your own that you will use cyclically in your coaching agreement. Perhaps you open up each session with insights from daily coaching tips or review insights from a specific category relevant to the client’s current goals.

    NOTE: The Insights section is only accessible by you when you are viewing your client’s profile. I have utilized this section frequently in virtual sessions by sharing my screen.


  1. Challenge team members to read EACH member of their team’s profile.

    This may seem like a LOT of work, but it can truly create a level of openness and improve team relationships. Ask team members to come back with at least 3 insights from their activity.

  2. Incorporate Cloverleaf “Hot Seat” as a way to open up your team coaching session or workshop. Access the guide to this activity here.

  3. Challenge team members to use the calendar integration feature regularly.

    You can add a bonus challenge by asking them to pop into a team member’s profile for extra awareness before a meeting or project. I can’t tell you how valuable the calendar integration tips have been for me in my own development.

    Unless we force ourselves to do introspective work, we become highly transactional and forget that we are in RELATIONSHIPS with human beings who we can always learn more about.

  4. Design extended sessions or ½ day workshops where you do team discovery of groups with complimentary personalities/types relative to the different assessments.

    For example, if a team is trying to solve a current challenge, put them in teams of 2 or 3 with balanced DiSC types and assign them to brainstorm a solution. (Consider leveraging the zoom breakout room feature for virtual workshops)

The last tip is an overall strategy for yourself. Challenge your own creativity to design exercises and conversations utilizing Cloverleaf insights, features and assessment types.

You know your clients best.

You know their strengths and challenges as well as their stated goals. Rarely has a coach had access to a tool with such versatile use and ongoing value.

You owe it to yourself and your clients to dig in and use Cloverleaf in every way possible.

Cloverleaf has a lot to offer, so check out our blog or other articles about the TEAM Dashboard.

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