Cloverleaf Product Updates: April 2024

Cloverleaf has some exciting product updates to share with you, check out what we released in the past month!

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​Introducing Dashboard Builder πŸŽ‰

Whether you're working on a project team, collaborating cross-functionally, or seeking to understand dynamics with someone new, using Dashboard Builder, you can customize dashboards as needed, without creating a Cloverleaf team.

Prep for your day with Meeting Dashboards πŸ“…
By integrating your calendar with Cloverleaf, you can receive coaching tips for your meetings and view Meeting Dashboards, helping you better understand your teammates and get the most out of your meetings.

​Integrate with MS Teams πŸ”Œ
Coaching Tips are generated to give you coaching on who you work with most. We've integrated with Microsoft Teams to make it easier for you and your team to use Cloverleaf where you work most.
​Learn more about integrating Cloverleaf with MS Teams​

We didn’t forget about our Slack users β€” we've got a revamped integration on the way. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Webinar: April 26, 2024

Gain insight into how to leverage CliftonStrengths on Cloverleaf with individuals and teams. You'll discover new angles to understanding personal preferences to help teams develop strategies to collaborate effectively and leverage differing styles to create balanced approaches to projects and initiatives.

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