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Enterprise Plan Organization Admin Getting Started Guide
Enterprise Plan Organization Admin Getting Started Guide

A guide for Enterprise users to reference during Onboarding.

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This guide is for users currently in an Enterprise plan with Cloverleaf.

Getting Started Guide

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here and excited to get you and your team up and running!

This guide will serve as a roadmap to align our efforts and define the measures of success for our collaboration as you get started with Cloverleaf.

Why Cloverleaf?

How it works

Cloverleaf Onboarding: What to Expect


Based on our experience, our most successful organizations have three things in common:

  1. A compelling story for why it matters: Leaders throughout the organization can communicate why using Cloverleaf to create a culture of coaching matters to individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.

  2. An Engaged Project Team: The project team will aid in setup and configuration planning, launch strategy, and supporting ongoing adoption efforts.

  3. Leadership engagement and role modeling: Leaders inside the organization are willing to model use to demonstrate support, enthusiasm, and encouragement.

Step 1: Configuration Planning & Rollout Strategy

Who: Project Sponsor(s) and Organization Admin(s)

To get started, you’ll identify at least one organization admin who will be responsible for aiding in organization setup and configuration during implementation and tasked with day-to-day user management responsibilities after initial onboarding.

Purpose of the Call

We’ll use our time together to discuss:

  1. Project goals and success metrics

  2. Configuration Considerations

  3. Pilot teams and potential use cases

  4. Invitation strategy & timeline

  5. Approach to training

💡 Remember, each assessment unlocks additional coaching content. We suggest a minimum of 3-4 assessments across multiple categories, with at least two assessments in the behavioral category.
🎬 Assessment Selection Considerations Dr. Scott Dust, Chief Research Officer at Cloverleaf

Review: Decisions & Deliverables

Your To-Do List

  • Assessment Selection

  • Confirm invitation strategy (timelines and contingencies)

  • Launch Messaging: Cloverleaf is Coming

Step 2: Organization Admin Training

Who: Organization Admin(s)

What: Overview of most common Admin-related functionality

Purpose of the Call

We’ll use our time together to review organization configuration and provide an overview of organization admin functionality to ensure Org Admin is equipped to:

  • Enable/Disable Assessments as needed

  • Add, remove & edit users

  • Add, remove & edit teams

💡Admin Dashboard Resource Collection can be found here.

Your To-Do List

  • Review and confirm organization configuration.

  • Work with Cloverleaf Customer Success team to schedule Step #3: 45 Minute Introductory Group Training(s)

  • Confirm invitation timing

Step 3: 45 Minute Virtual Group Training

Who: Team Participants

Purpose of the Call

We’ll conduct a team-wide introduction and overview of Cloverleaf, including:

Your To-Do List

  • Prepare 3-5 minute overview of your goals associated with Cloverleaf (re-iterating why it matters to individuals, teams, and the organization.)

  • Org Admin: Schedule a 30-minute bi-weekly meeting with the designated Cloverleaf Customer Success Manager to ensure ongoing support throughout onboarding experience.

Additional Ways to Use Cloverleaf and Stay Up to Date

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