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Getting Started Guide for Team Members
Getting Started Guide for Team Members

Wondering where to start as a new member of Cloverleaf? We've got you covered. Check out this guide to help get you started!

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Welcome to Cloverleaf! Below you will find helpful links for you & your team!

Getting Started:

You might be jumping onto Cloverleaf for the first time and wondering what you should do first! Our onboarding experience walks you through how to get successfully set up on Cloverleaf, but if you need a reminder- here is a quick checklist!

  1. Accept your invite and fill out your account details to create your account

  2. Take your first Assessment

  3. Connect your Calendar

  4. Add teammates to My Coaching Network

  5. Check out My Dashboard and explore tips using Insight Search

  6. Complete Daily Coaching through email or in-app

  7. Join a team or check out your Team Dashboard if you are already on one!

Navigating Cloverleaf:

  • My Dashboard: Your landing page for Cloverleaf. Here are a few things you will find.

    • Daily Coaching: Insights on yourself and your teammates each day, dive deeper with specific teammates or content categories by searching for tips, and compare thinking styles side by side.

    • Insight Search: A tool that allows you to search through coaching tips for yourself and your teammates to find the Cloverleaf tips you want- when you need them!

    • Calendar Insights: Integrate your calendar to receive insights on teammates in your upcoming meetings

    • Resource Feed: This links out to resources that might help you and your teammates leverage Cloverleaf and continue to build a stronger team!

  • My Assessments: Landing page for all things assessments on Cloverleaf. This is where you can take any assessment you can access, dive into your results, download reports, retake your assessments, and more!

  • My Coaching Network: Allows you to manage who you get Coaching Tips on, giving you the most relevant tips for who you work with most!

  • My Teams: Landing page for your Team Dashboard! See how your teammates compare and how your personalities and strengths balance as a team.

  • Organization Directory: This allows you to see who else in your organization, who you are on teams with, and to send invites to teammates who are not in your org yet!

Profile Settings:

Dive Deeper into Cloverleaf!

  • Thinking Style Comparison Tool: An effective tool to compare and contrast yourself with others. Through several assessments, it reveals similarities and differences in communication, conflict, work style, and more.

  • Team Roles Grid: Team Roles can help you understand your roles on a team, along with your team's makeup, imbalances, and what each individual role plays.

  • Integrations: Teams can utilize our integrations to receive Cloverleaf insights in the flow of work!

Popular How To's:

Our Help Center is full of resources including the ones linked here to help you with Cloverleaf!

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